About Trek

As a service-driven industry, Trek has a responsibility to the public, to continually work towards new, more efficient products and services, a responsibility Trek does not take lightly.

We have grown and continue to grow our offerings to service our customers with superior product stock product stock as well as a steadfast, obliging team.

We are able to deliver this one of a kind experience through our commitment to continued growth and innovation in all facets of our organization.

Add more life to your engine with our lubricants.

Our services

Quality will always be key.

Service Stations

Trek services stations are fully equipped and conveniently located in rural and urban areas to bring consistency and value to our customer’s journeys.

When you stop at one of our rapidly expanding fuel stations, you will be met by a team of highly motivated and customer-orient- ed employees, ready to provide the quality experience and products you can expect with every Trek visit.

Convenience Stores

Trek is all about providing convenience and excellence to our customers at every opportunity .Our service stations shops are readily available to provide our customers with the products they need, where they need them most.


Trek brings the lubricants perfectly suited for all types of automotive, industrial, agricultural and mining vehicles.


When we transport fuel to each of our service stations our team prioritizes safety and efficiency.

Trek Card

Enjoy a convenient cash-free solution to support your on-the-road refuelling needs .

A trek card is prepaid fuel card that is safe and convenient cash-free solution to support our customer’s on-the-road refuelling needs throughout our 25 sites nationwide.

Farmers and Industry

Trek cares and supports farmers through out the country with fuel to keep production going throughout the nation.

We fuel the future of the country by helping industries to maintain production and grow the nations economy in the energy sector.

Some of our sites